Industrial Division


  • Does your business have challenges related to workers following protective eyewear guidelines?
  • Do your employees lose their glasses?
  • Are the safety glasses scratched, so their usefulness is limited?
  • Are the safety glasses where they should  be?
  • Is there just not enough space to store all those safety glasses?


If any of these challenges sound familiar….

STOWnSee™ MAX is the answer.  You can order yours today!

STOWnSee™  is a new product designed to secure glasses anywhere including industrial, maintenance  and manufacturing facilities- even right next to the grinder  and drill press!

STOWnSee™ was initially designed for reading glasses, but we quickly SAW the need to make a bigger model for safety glasses.

We recognize not only importance of following the OSHA regulations, but also the need for LEAN Manufacturing and Point of Use storage! It fits perfectly in Lock Out/Tag Out Centers!

We designed our newest MAX model to meet these goals. It attaches with velcro or magnets to put right where workers need safety glasses to be safe! We even include a FREE pair of safety glasses!

Not sure if your business should do more? Click here to see the rules.

That’s good news…to learn more about getting the  STOWnSee™ MAX please contact us to discuss your company’s industrial  options TODAY…