has a unique design that makes locating your glasses easier! This special case mounts almost  anywhere and  keeps glasses handy with one touch of the button….voila – your glasses  appear right at your fingertips. The process is simple. Peel some Velcro,  attach the STOWnSee™ and you are ready to “never lose sight of your glasses again”. Maybe you have friends or family always hunting those readers……

You can stop “looking” for the perfect gift- STOWnSee™ is it!

This innovative storage case can help keep track of your all your glasses, especially readers!! Everyone can now remember where they put those glasses. Use  STOWnSee™ case anywhere you reach for glasses, sunglasses,  reader or safety glasses.

Just click the arrow below and you can see STOWnSee™ in Action


Need to store bigger glasses or safety glasses – see the new STOWnSee™MAX.  

STOWnSee - How to Install

How to Install

STOWnSee - Why It's So Convenient

Why it’s so convenient

STOWnSee - Easy to Store

Easy to Store

Why YOU need STOWnSee™…

  • To give the perfect gift for the person who has everything;-)
  • To keep  glasses handy in the  kitchen, workshop…and bathroom- we know you do a little reading there.
  • To remember your sunglasses- just mount STOWnSee™ by the back door!
  • To protect  glasses at night-  attach  STOWnSee™ right to the night stand or on the wall! Kids love to cover the cases in stickers!
  • It’s an everyday gift- buy 5 and shipping is FREE! (*small handling fee still applies)
  • Even if you buy your “cost-effective” readers at a  “Dollar Store” – STOWnSee™ keeps them safe and can be  more economical in the long run!  So click here to move on to our  ORDER page and get yours today.